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Summer Camp Interview dates and applications now available.



Next  Worth Ranch Workday is scheduled for January 8th.


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“The Big Adventure”
Worth Ranch
Worth Ranch 2010
Come Enjoy A Great Summer Camp Experience

An excellent traditional Summer Camp experience, it’s no wonder that Worth Ranch has been “The Big Adventure” for generations of Scouts.     The excellent staff members at Worth Ranch work hard to ensure that ever Scout and Scouter has the adventure of lifetime from the time they arrive at camp till they depart for home 6 days later. 

The terrain at the camp offers some great camping opportunities.  Many campsites have permanent shelters that serve as a gathering place for troops.

Worth Ranch offers programs for the youngest Scout or Tenderfoot on up to those Scouts that earned nearly every rank and merit badge possible. 



Summer Camp Staff Interview Dates


Summer Camp Staff interviews are scheduled for 2-5 PM at the Longhorn Council Office in Hurst:


Sat 11/27   

Sun 1/2

Sun 2/6

Sun 3/20


Camp Staff Application                Medical Form

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